Staying At Home


Sarah Stevanovic, Writer

Now that we are at home for the rest of the year, my schedule at home has changed a lot. When the virus started to spread around the country, the school was starting their first week of spring break, I believe. In that first week, I had musical practice about three times that week. Then we got the news that there was going to be a stay at home order and the governor, J.B. Pritzker was going to be closing schools until the end of the month. So then there were no more rehearsals and then the second week of what was supposed to be spring break, my mom was sent to work from home, so me and my mom spent one day building up her little office in our dining room. My mom needed a lot of help trying to figure out where all of the cords had to go. We were on the phone with one of her coworkers for about an hour trying to figure out how to set everything up.

Since I have been at home, I have been trying to start up a new schedule since we now have online schooling to do, where there are assignments every day. I try to get up around 8:15, then I give myself time to go on social media, then I head out to my dining room and check on mom to see if she is talking to anyone over her work phone because it has a camera and it is fun to see some of her coworkers. After that, I would go into the living room to get the computer to bring back out to the dining room table to work out there near my mom. There would be times that I would have to move my working station to my room or into the living room for a more comfier place to sit down and do work. I usually try working on all of my stuff that is due that day, and then if I only had one thing to do that day, I would usually work on the next day’s assignments for a little bit. When all of my school work is done, I usually go hang out in the living room or in my room. 

Since we have been home, I have become very bored sometimes, and I thought of many things to do, but the one thing that I decided to grab and start making are rainbow loom bracelets. I had to go down in my basement to find the bin of all of the bands and the main loom piece. I have made two really long bracelets, where one is for my car, and it is hanging from my rearview mirror, and the other one is connected to my hydroflask. But I have started to make bracelets for my friends, and for some of them, I am making them in their school colors such as orange and black for United Township, and I’m trying to find a color of bands for Moline, and the others are just their favorite colors. But the crazy thing is that I have had the rainbow loom since I was about ten years old. It is also cool to try out making different charms such as a turtle, pineapple, Elsa, and many other things. It was also fun to go through all of the color combinations and different charms that I had made in the past. 

Another thing that I am planning on starting to do is making things for my friends because I want them to know that I am there for them throughout all of this. So the first thing that I am making is a little Quarantine basket and it will be filled with some snacks and the bracelet that I am making them. So I have asked their moms to see what they like to snack on, and my friends have no idea. In some of their baskets, they are going to get a face mask for them to use if they want to do a self care day or night. When I am done making their baskets, I would be dropping them off on their porch and then later texting them to go look on their porch for a secret surprise. 

Over the weekends,  my family has been doing a lot of house chores, such as mowing the big lot that we have, which is two acres, cleaning clothes, cleaning out closets, and going through all of our clothes to see what we can get rid of or donate. Hopefully, soon we will have some projects that might take a while to finish. Those projects might consist of putting wood flooring in my room and if all goes well, there is a chance that we will be redoing more rooms with the flooring, redoing our breezeway, helping spread out rocks for our driveway and where I park, and cleaning out our back garage. Another thing that I am going to be starting up again is where I go over to my neighbor’s house and I mow their front and back yard. I have been doing this for a couple years.