COVID19 Break

Johnnie Teague, Writer

At the very end of 3rd quarter, I was so excited to just have a couple weeks to relax. Spring break is always really boring, considering I have track practice and then very minimal friends  to hang out with, but really just have time to sit back, watch TV and sleep as much as I want.

Well, God gave the entire country an additional month and half now.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, me and my family of nine have been driving each other insane. From binging All American on Netflix, sleeping for 14 hours of the day, and waking up at 6 P.M and lastly going to local grocery stores for “essentials” for fun just to get out the house, this world wide pandemic has definitely been an eye opener to how much I took for granted when we were able to leave the house

When COVID-19 was first announced, and we were marked to be quarantined in our homes. What was very upsetting was I would no longer have track practice/ meets. I’ve been trying to stay in shape as much as possible, because there is still a chance our season is just postponed. But considering I don’t have a team or a coach to motivate me, it’s harder than it seems. Going on runs have been a new daily routine, but when there’s nothing else to do in your house besides eat, gaining weight is the new normal.

Sleeping is something we’ve all been doing. Living in a house of nine people and 2 dogs, I surprisingly enough don’t get up until at least 4 PM. I personally don’t play video games, but since the outbreak my thumbs have been mastered to the remote. Vigorous competition between my family and leveling up until April 30th. Tik Tok and social media has also been something to do. Learning new dances and scrolling for hours just because there’s nothing better to do.

COVID-19 has impacted us all, some worse than others, but I think we all will mark this down in the history books. Although it is kind of cool I get to tell my children I lived through this. This outbreak is something we are all suffering from, just hoping for the best and as a whole, we can get through this and go back to living our normal lives.