Social Distancing

Jusele Irambona, Editor

Social distancing is physically distancing yourself from people outside of your home. It’s very important to social distance because It’ll help prevent the spreading of COVID-19. It’s been difficult to social distance because I saw my friends pretty much every day, whether that was in school or outside of school. However, despite having to socially distance ourselves,  we’ve been able to find ways to communicate and stay in touch. The most obvious way being social media. I text my closest friends daily or we snap each other on Snapchat. We’ve even formed group chats so that way, it’s like we’re all hanging out with each other. In these group chats, we all call each other and get on a group Face Time so we can all talk and see how we’ve been doing during this time. Maintaining contact with my family is similar. The only family member I see who doesn’t live with me is my sister, but she lives nearby. Despite everything going on, and even though social distancing can be difficult, I know it’s for the best. I’m staying inside unless I have to and only communicating with my friends and family over social media or text.