Every Aspect of My Day

Hannah Dale, Writer

Every aspect of my day has changed due to COVID-19. I have had to take the time to adjust and make myself a completely new schedule. It has been hard to adjust, and confusing. However, I have taken this time to do so many activities and actions I had little time to do before.

     First and foremost, my bedroom. I will admit, my bedroom used to be a disaster! No organization whatsoever, and just a complete mess 25/8. Fortunately, I have been given the time to organize, rearrange, and complete my bedroom, although the time was given to me due to unfortunate circumstances. 

     I’m also pleased to say that I have been able to spend more time with my family and boyfriend. I’ve grown closer to the people I love and I’m honestly quite thankful for that. I’ve also taken the time to realize how blessed I am to have everything I need, seeing now that a lot of people are in desperate need of basic necessities, such as toilet paper, soap, and food. Also, I’ve seen how greedy people are. It’s sad and a shame to see. 

     Also, I’ve begun to read more than I had before. I love reading, but never found the time to really read, with school and family matters. 

        I have also been a bigger help to my sister and mother, being able to watch my niece more often than I could before. It’s great being with family. Taking Jaelyn for walks, having dinner with my mom and sister- it’s amazing. I’ve also been having new and fun experiences. I learned how to fish, I didn’t catch anything, but it was still fun to learn. I’ve also driven a quad, which was so much fun! I think I’m going to do mudding next! This quarantine has me doing things I never thought I’d do in my life. I’m not saying COVID-19 is a good thing, it’s very tragic, however it is opening doors for me and many other people.

       Being in quarantine is weird, confusing, and complicated, but it’s also a blessing in disguise- Helping out family and friends, being able to see the people you love more often, bonding with family, and being a part of history that I can tell my children about in the future.