Trapped: Where Do We Go?


JaRaya Carr, Writer

Click, Click, Click. Nothing good to watch on Netflix. I should maybe sleep, but I’m not tired. What do I do? We have been caged in our own homes for ETERNITY! Just kidding, maybe for the rest of the year… Hopefully. Days go by fast, from morning to night. When will this social nightmare be over? Why am I so boring?

Now that I don’t have school, I noticed how boring my life is. Every day I will come home, do homework. Once in a while, I would hang out with my friends, but now being on lockdown, I’m just sitting on my couch or my bed, thinking about what’s on T.V. or what is the latest update about the virus, or the cool Tik-Tok videos and try to dance to it to be a cool kid, but I just end up sleeping instead.

I sleep every day. That is my daily activity- The Best Activity In The World!! But over time, it has gotten boring. I sleep, eat, sleep again, and watch good Netflix shows if there is one. I got to watch the 3rd season of  “On My Block.” Why do they have to end the show like that? I have learned new things about my phone. I can do anything and everything on my phone, like order food online and just pick it up, the best invention EVER! 

 While I have to be lockdown because of the Coronavirus, my mom works at Trinity Hospital as a Phlebotomist. My mom has been exposed now to five patients who have tested positive in Rock Island. My mom and I have to wear masks everywhere we go and stay away from people who have any medical issues or illnesses. I have been in the house on my couch. I couldn’t go see my aunt and my uncle and my three cousins when they came home to visit. I normally could see my grandparents, but my grandma has heart issues and my grandpa has asthma. Not seeing my family is really hard. I miss them so much!!!

Hopefully, we can leave our houses soon, get to enjoy the summertime, get some fresh air without a mask, and have many meals at our favorite restaurants. Hopefully, I can have a normal sleeping schedule again, see my friends in person, and not through a small rectangular screen, and have a better social life than me talking to my dog and hoping she responds to me.