Ending Senior Year in Quarantine


Kailyn Sanders, Editor

As a senior, my whole life I have always looked forward to this time of year, this time of year being fourth quarter.

Fourth quarter senior year is a different type of excitement. Granted for everyone it’s a very exciting time, but for the seniors, the fourth quarter is when we can spend our last high school moments together. 

— Kailyn Sanders

Entering high school can be very intimidating for freshman or anyone that’s new. I know when I was a freshman, I was very intimidated by the upperclassmen being bigger than me and having the confidence I aspired to have. I soon realized that all those people I was intimidated by and jealous of, were all a part of something in the school, whether that be sports or in clubs. At that time, I was brand new to the cheerleading team, so I sort of had something going for me, but I knew that wasn’t enough, not for me at least. I was friends with more people in the grades above me and they got me to join the Student Council. I didn’t personally know many people in the club at first, but I knew this was something I really wanted to be a part of, as the Student Council does so much for the school and the community. My senior year, I became co- president of the club alongside my best friends. Throughout the years at Rocky, I became more involved and way more busy. I had cheer practice almost every day, if not every day, I was a Student Ambassador, I normally had something going on with the Student Council, and I also had to work all while keeping up with school and still managing to somewhat have a social life. Now that I’m in my senior year, I did everything I could to make every moment the best. I wanted this year to be nothing but fun, and I kept the mindset that nothing could ruin this year because this was my year. I never would have guessed something like this would be ending my senior year.

As stated before, the fourth quarter is the most exciting for the seniors because of the events that take place during that time. The smaller ones being the days we don’t have to go to school. When the underclassmen and juniors have to take the PSAT and SAT, we were going to get a couple days off school, something we had been looking forward to brag about. There’s the infamous Senior Skip Day right after prom, when the seniors can rebel and it will be okay. When we can all come together as a class, and enjoy each other’s company for one last time until we walk the stage. Prom, the most special night of the year. The last time in high school when you can dress up with your best friends, dance the night away, and be thankful for everyone you have around you. Then, you have the most important event of them all, the Graduation Commencement Ceremony. The moment you have worked so hard for is finally here, except, it’s not how you pictured getting your diploma. I still have hope we will have a proper graduation ceremony, even if it is delayed. This is one event that does not deserve to be cancelled. 

It’s not fair to the students who have worked so hard all throughout school, staying up late and nitpicking at every assignment to make sure it’s perfect and A+ worthy, to have their senior year taken from them as rough as it is. At times like this, I want to go back to the days I dreaded going to school, and tell myself to cherish every moment in high school as long as I can, because it can be taken away right before your eyes.