My Quarantine Life

Kerrigan Lewis, Writer

   Due to the coronavirus, my daily schedule and routines I had have now changed, and sadly for the worse. My normal schedule used to be waking up early around 6am and going to bed around 10pm, while, of course, going to school in between.  But now, since the governor has announced a social distancing emergency, I no longer have the same schedule. First off, I no longer wake up at 6am. I now wake up around 1-2 in the afternoon, and I now go to sleep at around 3-4 in the morning. Not because I want to be a rebellious teenager and lose sleep, but actually because if I do not continuously follow a routine for weeks or so, my insomnia comes back, and I’m not able to fall asleep at a decent time anymore. I’ve tried to go to bed earlier and hope maybe I can set a routine again. But sadly, I’ve had no luck.

You may wonder how I’ve been spending my time and what I do to keep myself up or occupied during this stressful time. Well, at first I would just spend all day sleeping or on my phone watching The Office or youtube videos about how to get my curly hair healthy and what products to use. But then, after awhile, I started playing games with my sister, and now I have been continuously playing the Sims 4, while my mom watches me build houses, and afterwards she helps me decorate them and gives me ideas on what to do with the next house I build. 

I have also been cooking and baking more, which I’m really happy and proud about because I’ve been testing new recipes and seeing how far I can push my limits in the kitchen without burning the house down. My family really likes that I do this because it not only gives them something new to try, but because they don’t have to cook anything themselves anymore, but that’s okay. I enjoy what I do or what I’ve been doing. 

I have also begun working out and not because I was forced to or anything, but because I actually wanted to feel better about myself and my body, and hopefully, give myself more self love. Otherwise, during this quarantine I haven’t done anything too crazy or exciting.