Senior Surprises and Drama Disappointments

Larissa Pothoven, Editor

When High School Musical said, “We’re all in this together,” a COVID-19 pandemic was not quite what I had in mind.  None of us ever expected our senior year to end up like this. Then again, as people always say, we should “expect the unexpected.” 

The first postponement I heard about was the NHS ceremony, and I was disappointed, of course, but I assumed that we would go back to school after a few weeks of extended break, and life would go back to normal.

On Thursday night (March 12th), DeMario, Natalie, and I went to see Moline High School’s musical: All Shook Up.  We all really enjoyed the performance.  On Friday, March 13th, I was at a girl’s overnight with my youth group when I heard the news start to trickle in that everything was cancelled.  I was devastated to hear that the rest of Moline’s shows were cancelled, never suspecting that Rocky’s musical would soon suffer the same fate.

Musical’s cancellation was the hardest news for me to swallow.  As I wrote in my journal, “I’m really sad my senior year had to end this way.  I finally almost cried about it. Our first performance was supposed to be the last day of April.  Now, it looks like it won’t be happening. We were going to perform Cinderella, the 2013 Broadway version. 

I’m especially sad about not being able to do Circle, a very important Musical tradition. I never spoke, because I planned on talking my senior year.  Now my heart aches, because I may never speak. I won’t get to feel the energy and stage lights and love or the audience cheering as we take our final bow.  We won’t have a cast party and cry until our mascara is so streaked that we all look like raccoons. I won’t see my name in print, with the senior bio I worked so hard to fit into 100 characters.

— Larissa Pothoven

This blow was especially hard because the cast is like a family to me, and I currently do not see acting in my future.

We have yet to hear if prom is cancelled, but the majority of the senior class is expecting the worst while hoping for the best.  Although I know we are all disappointed by this turn of events, we can still be thankful for the happy memories and good times we had before all the craziness.