Dearest, Mom

Montana Hogan, Editor

Currently, we are living through a global pandemic. This has been affecting all of us in a vast amount of ways. For me this is a challenging time, because COVID-19 is keeping me from seeing my mom. 

— Montana Hogan

My mom is a nurse working at Trinity Hospital in Rock Island. She has been experiencing victims of the coronavirus first hand. She has to wear protective gear, such as face shields and gowns that cause her to sweat all throughout her shift. She has watched the cases in Rock Island double each week since March. The rooms that contain COVID-19 patients don’t allow anyone but nurses to enter. This means when my mom takes care of a patient, she also has to do janitorial duties. Some nights she lingers at the hospital even longer than usual in order to take care of her new patients.  My mother’s job has pushed her coworkers and her to the extent that they don’t have enough time during breaks to finish their lunches. 

Even though my mother’s job is causing her stress to increase, her main concern is to keep her family safe from the virus. In order to keep us safe, she tries to keep her distance from us. 

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease-it attacks your lungs- which means the virus is significantly more lethal to those who have weaker lungs. I have asthma, meaning my lungs would have a harder time fighting COVID-19. My mother especially keeps her distance from me in fear that she will pass the sickness to her daughter. 

Not being able to see my mom as often as normal, in lack of a better word, sucks. Hearing about how much of a toll this has on my mother physically and mentally makes me miss her even more. She refuses to come near me without showering first. When I am able to see her she asks if I have done my daily breathing exercises, if I have stayed home, and if I have taken my vitamins for the day (all of which she had prescribed to me).  

Each day my mom goes to work, I can’t help but worry. Staying away from her is a challenge, and I know each second she is away from us is also difficult for her, as well. Many families in America still have someone in their household who is an “essential worker” and are putting themselves at risk, like my mom. Lots of families have similar worries to mine. 

The best thing I am doing to deal with this situation is staying home to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. I do it for my mom. She works in the hospital and treats COVID-19 for her patient’s family, her own family, and for the sake of the world. 

The best way we can help our essential workers is to stay home. No matter how painful it is to stay away from friends, family, and our loved ones. This time is challenging for everyone. Please stay home if you can, flatten the curve, wash your hands, and thank our essential workers.


Dear Mom,

Thank you for all you do.