Another Timeline


Montana Hogan, Editor

Throughout March, I counted down the days until spring break. I was itching to have a break from homework and stressful tests. I knew that I would miss being in school, but I kept in mind that I would be back to finish up my senior year soon enough. 

In another timeline, I came back to school.  

Fourth quarter is the most exciting part of the school year. The sun sets later in the day, giving students and teachers a taste of the summer to come. Students tune their instruments before playing one last concert as a band. Athletes warm up one last time before playing their final game under the stadium lights as a team. All year I was eager to perform with my friends in the spring musical, sing with my choir for our last concert, and celebrate the end of my high school career. 

In another timeline, I came back to school, and was able to enjoy these moments.

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If I knew that I wasn’t going to come back to school for another month, I would have asked my teachers for books to keep my mind busy. If I knew that I wouldn’t be able to see my friends for two months, I would have hugged them a little bit tighter. If I knew that my spring musical would be cancelled, I would have said goodbye a little sooner.

— Montana Hogan

Maybe in another timeline we would have foreseen such a tragedy. Truly, no one could predict this; but it’s comforting to daydream about “another timeline”, because things in our present are so unpredictable. I miss being a senior. All I can do at this point is daydream about the things that could’ve been and hope for the things that can be.