College Choices

Darian Harding, Editor

There comes a time of year for the senior class, a time to decide their fates, and their future mascots. This is a time where both athletics and academics come together, all compacted together into four more years of school. College gives students the opportunity to explore their futures and gives them the green light into their potential careers. 

Isabella Wright wants to a psychologist, and plans to attend the Psychology Program at Western Illinois University for the Fall Term of 2020. “After going on a visit, I fell in love with the school,” said Wright. Although Wright has gone separately to tour the school, she was first introduced to the university when her AVID class went as a group to tour the campus. “I knew the school was right for me because of the feeling I had when I was on campus and the amazing Psychology Program,” said Wright. The important feeling for young students is to feel like they belong somewhere, and for Wright, she found that somewhere. Wright’s mother wants her to have a successful future, as well. “My mom supports me because she wants me to be successful and happy in the future,” said Wright. Every student should like the campus of the school they’re attending. “My favorite thing about Western is the environment of the school. It was so cheerful and exciting, and that really sealed the deal for me,” said Wright. 

Solomon Gustafson is a different story. While Wright doesn’t plan on participating in sports, Gustafson has committed to Quincy University to play basketball in the Fall Term of 2020. Although Gustafson is going to play basketball, he plans on pursuing a business degree. “I plan on going for business, but that could change. You can do a lot of things with a business degree, which is very interesting,” said Gustafson. Gustafson said he felt like he could have a better relationship with the coaches at Quincy, rather than the coaches at St. Cloud, the school he turned down. “I was given a full ride to St. Cloud State University, and I loved the campus and what they had to offer, in terms of the experience, but I didn’t feel a connection with the coaches. I chose Quincy because of how well athletes are treated there and how the community loves basketball. I felt like I could have a great relationship with the coaches.  And they have a 98% job placement after college at Quincy,” said Gustafson. For Wright, it was the campus that she liked most, for Gustafson it was the students. “The best thing (about Quincy) was that 80% of students there are athletes which I thought was pretty cool,” said Gustafson

Both students have plans for their futures, and are taking the steps they need to to insure a good future. Wright and Gustafson both have friends who already attend the same school as the one they’re going to, which should help them ease into the college lifestyle. With the help of their older peers, both students will be set for school.