Driving into Junior Year

Miranda Igo, Editor

Becoming a junior is a big deal. You’re finally an “upperclassman” and you feel older. But getting your license is the biggest part. You have a lot more freedom, and you finally feel that sense of growing up. For juniors Griselda Aguirre and Devin Swift, driving  is crucial to their daily schedule. 

    Griselda Aguirre got her license in April of 2019. Though she was still a sophomore, that is when driving was really set in stone. Griselda drives a 2008 Saturn Aura. For Griselda, having her license means “being able to drive myself when I need to go somewhere. It’s nice not having to inconvenience my family to take me to work or anything,” she said. Grisleda’s least favorite part about driving is,  “Other people on the road and traffic.” She practices safe driving by “watching the speed limit and my surroundings,” she said. Griselda’s fears of driving are “getting hit or wrecking, or getting in an accident,” which are almost everyone’s fears. The most common place she drives is to work, stating, “I drive to work a lot- work and school are the places I drive most.” 

   Junior Devin Swift has a 1990 Ford Contour. His favorite activity to do with his license and friends is to “go pick them all up and go play basketball,” he said. One of his fears is “hitting someone on accident,” Devin said.  Devin said he practices safe driving by, “Looking everywhere and being cautious of what’s around me.” Devin’s advice for new drivers is to “pay attention. There are some dumb drivers out there, but as long as you pay attention, you’ll be okay,” he said. Devin has been able to balance paying for car needs and other needs by “spending half on necessities and half on extra,” he said. “Keeps me focused and makes me pay attention,” Devin said about how driving is good for him. Devin said he has learned that, “There’s a lot of stupid drivers, and I have to make sure I know what I’m doing,” since he’s had his license.

      Getting your license and driving is a big responsibility. You have to learn to be more attentive and aware. Junior year is the highlight of everything. That’s when you start to become more responsible for good, and you start to get a feel for what the future holds and what life will be like.