The Last Band Season


Anna Rowell , Editor

Senior year of high school is a special time for many students’ young lives. This is a time for making memories that will last a lifetime. Many students make these memories through the sports and activities they take part in. Shaila Christopher, senior saxophone player, says, “My favorite memory is winning the drill down during summer band camp.”

This year’s marching band season recently came to an end, and 28 seniors had to say their final goodbyes. Each year, the band ends their season by having the seniors give a speech to the rest of the band. Most pass on words of wisdom, recount funny stories, and reflect on their time as a part of such a wonderful group. “If you’re looking to make memories and form bonds with people that you might’ve never thought possible, marching band is the place to go,” says senior mellophone player Ryan Nickel. Everyone has a different and unique experience while in the marching band. Each year poses a set of challenges at the beginning, like learning drill, music, and work for the show, but always ends with pride and a list of accomplishments.

The Pride of Rock Island had a very successful season, coming in third in their class at Illinois State, October 19th. A week later, they reached their goal of breaking 70 with scoring 70.775 at the Bands of America Competition on October 26th, and placed 15th out of the 26 in their class. “I’m very happy with how it ended. We worked hard and we never hit our peak like we had in previous seasons,” says senior drum major, Liam Haskill. The band’s director, Peter Carlin was very happy with how the season has turned out, but always makes sure that his students are less concerned with winning trophies, or pieces of plastic, as he calls them, and more concerned with making memories.