Fall Festivities

Kailyn Sanders, Editor

 Girls love to wear the beautiful fall colors like yellows, oranges, reds, and browns on their nails, clothing, and accessories to get into the fall spirit. Fall is always that time of year when girls dress up to have photo shoots with their friends at pumpkin patches or that perfect tree with all of its beautiful autumn colors. Aside from the daytime beauty of fall, haunted housing is the perfect night time adventure to take on to get that adrenaline rushing. 

     If you’ve ever wondered why girls love fall so much, they are finally able to pull out the clothes that go according to the season. This season happens to have giant scarves, comfortable, yet casual sweaters, and trendy boots. Hannah Close states, “My favorite activities are going to a pumpkin patch or taking a cute fall photo shoot.” Getting into the fall spirit is very easy. Everyone can dress up but still be comfortable!

   Almost any business that sells food, drinks, or ice cream will more than likely sell an item with pumpkin spice flavoring. Pumpkin spice has become a very popular autumn flavor. “Pumpkin spice always makes me excited! Along with sweaters, bonfires and getting to wear Uggs”, explains Mariyam Talybova. 

     Football and bonfires are very similar, in that they bring everyone together, and they always create some of the best memories. Isabella Allison states, “I make fall fun by hanging out with friends, having bonfires and going to football games.

     As much fun as hanging out with friends can be, family should always get attention, as well. Some of the best memories can be made when with family, and those are the moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. “When I was younger, my grandparents always took me to the pumpkin patch. Instead of paying attention to the pumpkins, I’d play with the kittens and puppies they had,” exclaims Talybova. 

     Yes, even though getting together with friends is fun, family also needs to be included in the fun. Close makes a great point by saying, “I feel during the fall, it is most important to spend time with the ones you love, because first of all, Thanksgiving, but it’s just a fun time of the year for family activities.”

     Fall is all about creating some of the best memories with friends and family. You do whatever you have to do to create those, whether that be, painting pumpkins, dressing nice and having a photo shoot, or getting scared at a haunted house. Those are the moments you will never forget.