Juniors’ Thinking About the Future


Emily Bush, Writer

Everyone has been asked what they want to be when they grow up. Some have no clue, or have too many careers they want to pursue. But Austin Fisher, Miranda Igo and Makenna Carothers have it all figured out. This is very unique and surprising,  in the sense that most teenagers don’t have their lives figured out.

Austin Fisher wants to become a construction worker. “I want to go into a trade school, or join a union straight out of high school,” Fisher said. “I kind of inspired myself, I’d say, because I’m always working on something, and I really enjoy getting my hands dirty. And, it’s only going to take a couple years, so that’s a plus!” 

Miranda Igo, on the other hand, said that she has wanted to be a photographer for 4 years and counting. “If my future takes me to college, I’ve always wanted to go to Berkeley!” To become a photographer, the whole photography process only takes a couple of years or a few classes. “I really helped inspire myself to become a photographer. I’ve been taking pictures for the longest time, and I absolutely love it. I even have my best friend Emily agree to go on photo shoots with me so I can get my practice in,” Igo explains. 

Lastly, Makenna Carothers wants to become a forensic pathologist. “My dream has always been to go to the University of Iowa, and if I’m going to spend 9 or 10 years of my life becoming a forensic pathologist, I might as well do it somewhere I love, and that’s the University of Iowa.” Makenna also said, “All of the TV shows really inspired me. I started watching Criminal Minds and shows of that such, and I fell in love with the idea of forensics.” 

High school truly is where students figure their lives out. There’s so many opportunities, and so much time to explore their interests. It’s surely okay if students don’t know what career they want to go into, but it’s certainly rare and very uncommon that these juniors’ have it all figured out.