Peter Pan: Where Dreams are Born

Anna Rowell, Editor

This is Gwendalyn Waggoner’s fourth year participating Rock Island High School’s Drama Club productions. She has been involved with seven performances in total, and plans to expand her acting career in the future.  Waggoner is the president of the Drama Department this year and has big plans. This year’s fall play is Peter/Wendy and is “a low-tech, inventive adaptation that pays homage to the darker themes of J.M. Barrie’s original,” according to Playscripts.

Historically, Peter Pan, leader of the lost boys from Neverland, in the live adaptations of the show is played by a girl, and this year, Waggoner earned the role.  “I am excited about playing Peter because it is a complex role, and I am ready for a challenge,” says Waggoner. In the process of auditioning for the show, Dorian Foster, the director, had the students try something new.  “She presented us with various items, and we were told to create new uses for them, which was out of the ordinary, but very fun,” says Waggoner.

Along with Waggoner, Itangishatse Bujeni is also taking on a part that is breaking the gender barrier at Rocky.  She will be acting as Captain James Hook of the Jolly Roger. “I have mixed feelings about playing Hook. Part of me is very nervous because it’s not like anything I’ve ever done before. However, I am also really excited to challenge myself in new ways, and possibly become a better actress,” says Bujeni.  Accompanying Waggoner and Bujeni in the play will be Georgi Feigley as Wendy, and Montana Hogan as Tinkerbell. “I am excited for the opportunity to take the stage with all of my talented friends and I am proud to show that there is such strong female leadership in our Drama Department,” said Waggoner.