Young Team Means a Winning Future


The Lady Rocks Golf Team 2019

Emma Beierlein, Editor

The women’s golf team is starting out the season fresh. Coach Shari Thompson opens her team spots to anyone, golfer or not. The urge to slow down for the new players is tough, but the veteran golfers are capable of holding their ground. The team has many goals set for this season, and hope to improve from last year, including new golfers Edie Crayne and Peyton. 

Thompson shares, “We were able to recruit four new freshmen. They have little or no experience, but show a willingness to learn.” The team lost half their players when the seniors from the previous season left. Josie Pennington, a senior golfer, adds, “Recruiting new players this year went great. We have potential in our new players, who have never played before.”

The goals for Varsity look the same as they always have. Thompson says, “Last season was our first winning season in a long time, as I hope the team can win even more.” Sectionals is a big goal for individual golfers, but Thompson added that she hopes to go to Sectionals as a team, and not just as individual qualifiers. 

Pennington is fairly new to the game, as she begins her third season. She said she began to golf because, “My dad loves the sport, and it was something I could enjoy with him.” 

The golf team at Rock Island values bonding between the girls. Pennington states, “Our team is very close, and being on the team has brought us closer together, in and out of school. We have a very fun and enthusiastic team.” Thompson also says, “My favorite part about being a coach is getting to know the girls and seeing them grow as people and become better players.”

The Rocks have a bright future ahead with multiple freshman recruits. Each year Coach Thompson and her girls make new accomplishments and set even bigger goals. The Rocks are continuing their improvements, year by year.