Soccer Season With Samuelson

Soccer Season With Samuelson

Cheyeane Stanley

Playing soccer for eleven years will teach you a thing or two about how the game works. This is the case for sophomore, Olivia Samuelson. She explains that within those eleven years, she’s enjoyed playing center-mid the most, stating, “It lets me go everywhere on the field and I get to contribute with everyone during the game.” 


New Rock Island Soccer Coach, Zach Vroman held tryouts this past week, consisting of lots of drills like, “Shooting, one v. one, and passing. And a LOT of running,” according to Samuelson. She emphasizes that “Coach Vroman might be a little disciplined. But the team needed it. I needed it.” 


Samuelson hopes to win, grow as individual athletes, and make new memories. Her personal goal is to score at least 10 goals throughout the season. She believes that they will compete well against UT, and maybe even Moline, but overall, hopes the team will make it to winning Regionals this year.


She is excited for her returning Varsity teammates, like Kayla Rice and Denise Carr to contribute to the team’s atmosphere, and to continue building memories with them on and off the field. Along with freshman AJ Stewart, who Samuelson has high hopes for this season, to build on the team chemistry and wins. 


Samuelson plans to take a leadership role this year through building good relationships with the girls on her team. Since soccer to her is all about “friendship, working hard, and creating a fun environment within the team.”