Feeling for Greatness

Aidan Henderson

Comfort is the key for an effective education. Being able to relax and evaluate what is being taught benefits not only the student, but the teacher, as well. Without the fear of or idea of oneself being affected throughout the school day  is one thing no one should stress over. Paw She Htoo, Junior at Rock Island High School, states that she feels “somewhat comfortable at the school”, and making students’ comfort a high enough priority should come first. Teachers have shown great and engaged efforts in the making of this priority. Htoo says what is already being done is significantly sufficient.

However, feeling comfortable and safe starts with the students. Students may have conflicts with different students, resulting in poor behavior, which should never be the answer. Audryanna Woods-Stuart, also a junior here at Rocky, says that, “I’d like to see the school hold the students and faculty more accountable for the fighting.” She also states that students should, “Start using the school day to better themselves, and not engage in insignificant situations,” as well as, “Making sure the people who leave out of this building are good, productive, and honest human beings.” 

Woods-Stuart also feels that, “Not all students, but a lot of them, are going through mental health issues, so as teachers, they should just be more mindful, and show they actually care. Sincerity goes a long way, and I feel most students don’t think teachers are as sincere as they are.” 

Circumstances of each student differ, and making sure everyone is comfortable starts with the student. It should begin with the students’ desire to take action, in a respectful way, making smart decisions, and by making the change they want to see.