Sixth Period Connections

Madison Chastain

Sixth period is a time to get things done or a time to have a break throughout the day. For Joe Brune, Mr. Schriefer, and the rest of the advisory class, it was more than that. Mr. Schriefer mentioned,  I like to think of us as a family. The students see each other on a regular basis in their other classes, but there is something a little extra about advisory. It allows time to check in and talk about issues not always related to class assignments.”

This is a time where students can unwind for a short time. This is even an opportunity to get help on any work or new learn skills! Joe Brune learned a lot of new skills being in Mr. Schriefer’s advisory class. Mr. Schrifer teaches Art Forms, Ceramics I, Ceramics II, and AP Sculpture here at Rocky. Brune took interest in Mr. Schriefer’s ceramic skills, and instantly got to work with the clay. He learned quick, and made some cool pieces! Those cool pieces including a mushroom, a bowl, and a boat. Brune looks forward to making new items out of class, and learning how to do the pottery wheel. Not only does Brune love making things out of clay, he also loves the relationship he has built between his advisory class. Brune describes it as, “A fun loving relationship.”

Building connections is a huge part on how this advisory class grew so close. Mr. Schriefer makes a point on how “building connections can increase the opportunity for student/teacher relations to grow.” They explored all their differences, and grew stronger as one whole class by sharing those differences. As Joe Brune and his fellow classmates in his advisory are now seniors, this is their last year with Mr. Schrifer. He is sad to see them go, but, “Each one has presented their own ingredients to a memorable 3 years. My hopes are to continue hearing from them after they graduate,” Schrifer explains. For something as little as a 32 minute class, it can really change your perspective and build solid relationships you’ll always remember.