Area Career Center

Campbell Kelley

The Area Career Center (ACC) is held at United Township High School. The ACC has different classes that are offered for students to take if their school doesn’t have them as electives. Gabby Taber is a senior at Rock Island High School, who goes to the ACC for the fire science class. “I want to continue this career because I love doing it, and I don’t see myself doing anything else,” Taber said. They do many different activities at the ACC, which is one of the reasons Taber enjoys going so much. “My favorite part is all of the hands-on activities that we do,” Taber said. Taber believes that all the hands-on activities will really benefit her understanding of fire science, and what being a firefighter is really like. 

According to Taber, she would want to become a firefighter in South Carolina. She would love to live in that state because she went on vacation there once, and has wanted to live there ever since. Although Taber wants to be a firefighter in the future, most firefighters have a second job because the shift hours are 24 hours on duty and 48 hours off duty. Taber says that she hopes her second career will be to be a real estate agent. Taber has family members that work in the real estate business, so she has seen some of the tasks that real estate agents have to take on. “I want to be a real estate agent in South Carolina because they make good money there,” Taber said.