“Lay”ing Down the Law in Tennis

Peh Lay is a senior at Rock Island High School, and is finishing his last season of tennis. Peh Lay has been playing tennis for 6 years, and has only gotten better since! Peh Lays explain, “I have definitely made some improvements to my game. Overall, I’m way more consistent, and my service game is a lot better.” Peh Lay’s coach, Coach Gabany speaks on his behalf stating, “Peh Lay’s overall game has improved since he was a freshman.” Peh Lay has worked hard to get where he is his senior year. Mr. Gabany stated, “His forehand and serve have been his biggest improvements, along with his understanding of point construction.” 


Peh Lay not only plays singles, but is often partners with Ian Empen for doubles. Empen is also a senior, and has been playing for a while. Peh Lay and Ian are usually always partnered up for #1 doubles, and tend to play very well together. Mr. Gabany says that, “Peh Lay and Ian have also improved in overall doubles play each year that they have played together.” Peh Lay has done outstandingly this season, and has shown his true colors in tennis. Peh lay states that, “My net game and volley skills have also definitely improved. Consistency is always a thing that can be worked on, and it’s something I always strive to improve.” 


Peh Lay hopes to make it to State by the end of the season. Mr. Gabany stated that, “Tennis has so many areas to improve upon, each player is unique in terms of what shots they need to work on. Overall, I would say my team’s consistency has improved, being able to extend the points beyond just a few shots, and in doubles, the Varsity players are moving to the net more often, and being more aggressive.” Peh Lay wants everyone to try something new, and get involved with sports or school events. Peh Lay advises that, “One  piece of advice that I would give to people playing or thinking about playing tennis is that progress takes time, and new things will feel uncomfortable, but if you stick with it, and go out and try to perfect your game every day, the results will show.”