Charting a New Course

This year, the Lady Rocks were under new leadership with the hiring of Head Coach, Julie Hudnall. The young team not only learned the game of golf, but also learned to be prepared for anything, as the COVID 19 Pandemic was still an issue during the season. Coach Hudnall stated, “We had a couple COVID interferences, as well as some new players to the game of golf. So really, starting from the beginning, teachings to be prepared to handle all aspects of a golf meet was a big challenge.” Despite these challenges, the girls had a lot to take pride in during their season. Led by Chloe Turner and Jozie Kerr, the Lady Rocks recorded two Conference victories, and almost qualified an athlete for Sectionals. Coach Hudnall is excited for the program’s future, as well as the development of her athletes. She explained, “My goal for my athletes is to learn how to play the game of golf, as well as be an advocate for girls golf at Rock Island High School. Many opportunities lie in the golf world, plus, it is a lifelong sport that you can enjoy! We also learned how to do things right, take care of our clubs, uniforms, actions, and buses. Representing ourselves well to make Rock Island proud!”