From a Hiatus to the Stage


Kara Baumunk

Fall play is the first production to take place in at Rocky, and after being on hiatus, Drama Club is excited to get back in action. With new drama club members this year, finding a play, reaching goals, the students, and making memories are the main focus on this year’s fall production. “We are learning how to come back and focus, commit, and find the joy in what we do,” said Mrs. Dori Foster.

The first step to having an amazing play for everyone to watch is finding one that fits the students auditioning. “30 plays from Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. We picked it because I know from experience that it’s a great ensemble building show. After so much time off the last couple of years, I knew it was important to get them back together, getting reacquainted with each other and also bringing new members into the group and supporting them,” says Foster. With such a large group of people doing a play, where everyone is able to have a part, can help all the students connect and get excited about theatre again.

Even with a well thought out choice for a show, the production still had its challenges. For Foster, a challenge this year for the fall play was getting new members, “especially the ones who basically skipped most of their junior high time, to understand how we tend to function and reminding everyone involved that we’re back, and commitment is important again,” she said. She also wanted the group to build an ensemble. “CHECK! BOOM!” Foster said, meaning that goal was achieved!

The theatre students, both underclassmen and upperclassmen, proved to be leaders during the fall production. “The seniors and a couple veterans really took charge during much of the process,” said Foster. They were prepared for coming back to help rebuild the drama club, and they did well. “We also have a quality group of underclassmen, who are learning the ropes, and will hopefully take the lead a little more this year, as the seniors begin their transition to college. I think the department is going to be left in very capable hands, ” Foster says. Coming back from being gone for so long comes with learning and re-learning, and Foster hopes her students take time to do that, stating she hopes they are “taking creative risks and supporting each other to strengthen the group and the production.”

With learning comes connecting, sharing creative ideas and making memories. Foster’s favorite memory from this year’s fall play was, “Being able to stand back and watch them run their show. Standing backstage and seeing them work is fascinating. These are moments where I know I’ve done my job well and hit a lot of my own goals,” she explains.

Coming back to perform the fall playwas such a success this year for drama club! They got amazing new members, chose the perfect play from coming back from hiatus, reached their goals, connected and learned, and made memories. This year is definitely different, which also means it will always be remembered and shared with future generations.