Controversial Quarantine

Alayna Amidon, Editor

It seems that social distancing has become quite the controversial topic as everyone has started developing their own views over the pandemic and the regulations that have been issued to keep us safe.

I, of course, have developed my own opinion on the matter and believe that quarantining was absolutely necessary when we were at the heart of COVID 19 a month or so ago, but the numbers are going down and the deaths are becoming less and less as the days progress. I know there are quite a few people that believe that it’s vital that we all stay home at this time and I agree to some extent, but I believe that as long as everyone is taking the proper precautions, it’s okay to venture out into the world just a bit. I still hardly go out, but when I do, I make sure to wear a mask and stay six feet away from others. The only person I’ve gotten to see has been my boyfriend and after two months of quarantining, we felt safe enough to see each other once again. Now I don’t believe that we should be throwing parties or hosting get-togethers and bonfires just yet, but I do believe that things are finally starting to settle down.

Some people may argue and say that this is the ‘cool down’ period and that there will be an even bigger second wave of the virus if we don’t all stay inside during this time but once again, as long as everyone is taking the proper precautions, I don’t see an issue with seeing one or two friends every once in a while or going shopping at this point and time. Of course, there are other ways that you can see and talk to your friends and family if you aren’t quite comfortable with visiting them physically quite yet. I’ve been doing drive-bys and facetiming/texting friends and family more frequently since the virus struck. 

Everyone has their own opinion on the matter, but I think that the most important factor in the matter is that we are staying safe and keeping others as safe and healthy as we can at this time.