Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

Amelia Pena, Editor

A lot of things have changed in our community and the areas around us due to Covid-19, and I feel like most of the changes are the right decisions based on keeping us safe. The way I look at things now is to just expect the unexpected, we weren’t ready for Covid-19 and yet I feel like it was handled well. 

Our community has changed in various ways, including businesses closing, schools closing, and everybody being encouraged to stay home. One thing that remains is unity, the community coming together during this tough time. Although I am missing out on some of my senior year during this time, I would rather be healthy than be sick and missing school while school is in session. The decisions made for our safety have been made well in my opinion. 

My perspective on life now has changed due to covid-19, now I continue to remind myself to expect the unexpected. There are many times where as a country, we should’ve expected the unexpected, including 9/11, and now this pandemic. There was no way we could’ve predicted this to happen and yet our community made the right decisions for our health and safety. 

With fingers crossed, hoping this pandemic ends soon, we can go back to our regular normal lives (as normal as life can get nowadays) so that we can see our loved ones, hang out with our friends, and possibly even play some sports.