Changing during junior year

Kerrigan Lewis, Writer

 This experience has changed my junior year because I couldn’t even go to school for almost half of the year because of this virus. So it made me realize how much school impacted my life and how it filled in my schedule so much and my life honestly revolved around school, which I always thought in some way school was just another chore or thing I had to do each day. 

   Honestly, the postponing of events didn’t even affect me because I just don’t go to the events. They simply don’t entertain me all too much. I never planned at the beginning to go to the school dances or anything because I didn’t find them fun. Going to a hot gym with a bunch of people I don’t like and spending hours getting ready for me to not dance and stand there and spend money to go into a hot gym does not sound fun to me. I like the idea of dances, but It would be very rare to actually find me at one. The only way I saw myself going is if my friends forced me to go, but even then, I planned on sneaking away to my grandmas and hiding so they couldn’t find me lol. 

    So the only way this virus has changed my junior year is by messing up my sleep schedule, and just my schedule in general, and it has changed my view points on this earth and everything that happens on it.  I really shouldn’t take the things I used to do every day for granted. Because I couldn’t at a point. I wish my junior year didn’t end like this. This is definitely the last way I saw my year ending, but it would be a cool story to tell my kids (if I have kids) in the future.