Dear Future Rocks

Morgan Freeman, Writer

Hello to anyone who is reading this. My name is Morgan Freeman. I was a 2020 graduate at Rock Island High School. Everything that is going on right now is hard for everyone, especially to us Seniors. We had so many things taken away from us this last quarter of high school. Without all the love and support, us Seniors couldn’t thank everyone that has been there to help us. 

We had our Senior prom taken from us, along with things like Senior skip day, Graduation, NHS, and even Spring sports were taken from those Seniors who play sports during that time. We’re all hurt from not getting to finish our last quarter of high school, but so many people have been supportive for us through this time. To whoever is reading this, please don’t take anything for granted in high school. Go to your school’s football and basketball games, go to the school dances, dress up and do the themes Homecoming Week, because it all comes to an end. 

When they say high school goes by fast, it really does. My 4 years flew by so quick that I didn’t think it would end like this at all. This experience with the Corona Virus is hard and boring, hard because you can’t really do anything because everything is closed and boring because everyone is stuck in their house and you can’t really see your friends and family. With that being said, don’t take your high school days for granted. Make sure you go to all your schools events as much as you can, and make new friends. Your 4 years in high school is some of the best years.