To Whatever Class is Reading This…

Hannah Dale, Writer

To Whatever Class is Reading This…

COVID-19 was an unexpected, strange and sort of scary experience. And the class of 2020 was often criticized about it. Being told we were ‘dramatic’ or ‘childish’ for posts and videos we would make. When in reality, we were being more human than we’d ever been. 

My senior year experience was snatched from me. I was so excited for senior nights, dancing with my boyfriend at prom, and of course walking that stage to top it all off. It was sudden, and unexpected for everyone. First I was hearing about it in memes and TikTok’s, but then I saw a school closing email, and news reports. I started to get scared.

To be honest, I thought it was out of proportions at times. I just wanted it all to be over and back to normal. I wanted to sit in a theater, go out to eat in a restaurant. The normal things from the past that I now consider a luxury.

Aside from all of the things I am missing, some good things have come from the class of 2020’s quarantine. I grew closer with my mom, niece and sister. We all had much more time to spend together and have nice dinners. And I grew closer to my boyfriend and his family. He made me ordered food from places I wanted to eat in so bad, and set up a little ‘restaurant’ in his basement for him and I. His parents also invited me to have dinner with them, and to go to siblings and grandparents birthdays. I’ve truly become a part of their family.

I am not happy about how my senior year has progressed, but I am happy about my accomplishments, and how far I have come. I’m happy to be sharing this moment with my family and friends. No matter what, I’ve stayed strong and hopeful, and that’s all you really can do.