Dear Future Rocky Students

JaRaya Carr, Editor

Dear Future Rocky Students,

We have been under lockdown because of the Coronavirus. It’s been two months being under quarantine. It’s been rough, as places are closed and if places are open, you are required to wear a mask, which is very suffocating. You can’t be with loved ones, like grandparents, you can’t hang out with friends, and if you do, you have to practice social distancing, which is being 6 feet from each other.

 Being under lockdown, I started to miss my grandparents. Before the lockdown, I used to go to their house almost every day. I know this might sound crazy to you all, but I actually miss going to school, I know school is a pain and a headache, but it is better than sitting at home all the time with nothing to do.

Being on lockdown, it becomes very boring. If you are like me and don’t have siblings or don’t have siblings in the house, you start to go crazy!!! My mom works as a Phlebotomist, so I’m mostly home by myself, and of course, my dog is there but she does speak so it’s no fun, and she is very annoying. I love her, but, I would rather be alone. It’s nice being home, but I’d rather hang out with my friends and do things that are fun like go eat out and talk or even going on a bike ride together.

I learned from this quarantine that going to public school is better than an online school. School online is nice because you can stay in your bed, you can stay in your pajamas, and you can sleep in as long as you want, but after awhile, you miss the communication between you and your community. You will miss your loved ones, so make sure you see your loved ones all the time because you don’t know the next time you will see them again or even hug them again. I hope that you, the students, will appreciate going to school every day. I know it may be early to be going to school, but it is better than staying home and trying to figure out what to do when there is nothing to do. School is better than everything that is happening in the world, I wish I can go back to life. I hope it will be soon!!

From: Fellow Rocky Student, JaRaya Carr