Dear Future Student

Ben Samuelson, Writer

Dear Future Student,

Hello! My name is Benjamin Samuelson, and I am a Rocky graduate from the class of 2021. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has taken us all by surprise during this time. It has been very hard to do many things. For example, I am a VERY big sports guy. Soccer is my Number 1 favorite. I can’t go a day without it, and this pandemic isn’t helping at all. Without soccer, I have gotten extremely lazy and forgetful of what’s really important. My team and I just came off of a season where we made history twice. Winning, not just the first Conference Title in school history, but the first ever Regional Championship, as well. With the pandemic in effect, contact training is not allowed, all of the school fields shut down, and we are required to stay 6 feet apart.

Another thing that has made this a very difficult time to live in is online learning, especially math. With the 2 math classes I took my Junior Year, AP Stats and Integrated Math 3, it’s very difficult to learn it over a computer, on top of the fact that I have to prepare for the online AP Exam taking place Friday May 22nd, 2020.

Everything else is a walk in the park though. I’ve picked up a new game that I have never played before, and really liked playing it. I hope you guys never have to deal with anything like this I hope you all are safe, and have a very good life.

Best Regards, 

Benjamin Samuelson