Dear Future Rocks,

Sarah Stevanovic, Writer

Dear Future Rocks, 

Right now in 2020, we are at home during this worldwide pandemic and the rest of the school year is online. This was all because of this virus called COVID-19. It was hard to think that my junior year is over and there were some firsts that I would be missing out on. I would have been to my first dance, which was prom. It would have been my first pops concert for choir that I would have been in. It would be the first yearbook that wouldn’t be covered in signatures, H.A.G.S. and having teachers write in my yearbook, also. 

Life staying at home is definitely not what you expect, as the Governor J.B. Pritzker made a stay at home order and has expanded it for a couple months. At first, everyone was kind of happy that we didn’t have to go to school and not doing a lot of school work. When we found out schools were closing for a little bit, we were on our spring break, so everyone was on trips and hanging out with friends constantly. Then worldwide news broadcasting shared that this big virus has broken out all around the world and was spreading fast. Most people would go out and buy everything in bulk, so there wasn’t toilet paper and paper towels because that was one of the big things that everyone thought it was important. With having all of this happen, you and to be six feet apart from someone so the virus didn’t spread. 

There has been a lot of things that I have been trying to pass the time. My mom recommended me to try out a latch hook rug, which is little yarn rug that you get to do and it takes a while to do. You could redo a room in your house like put in new flooring, and new decorations. For socializing, you could see people in person, but you had to keep your distance or you could facetime or sometype of videochat between many people. 

Most of the places were closed except for the essential businesses and restaurants were pick up or delivery only, you couldn’t go and sit down in a restaurant with other people. For hospitals and nursing homes, you couldn’t go and visit people since the people with the virus were being treated there.