The Final Goodbye

Anna Rowell, Editor

The last time we would all see each other would be the day before spring break. We were all excited to finish our third quarter, but more excited to come back and finish our last quarter at the school we have been attending for four of the most important years of our lives. The years where we are discovering who we are and where we want to go, and this was almost the end. For some, it is a joyous occasion and an escape from the endless torment they have faced every day in the halls. And for others, it was the end of something truly magical, but for all, it was an event that we had looked forward to for a large portion of our young lives.

No one was expecting that day to be the end of it all. It’s interesting to think about what we would have done or said differently if we had known what was to come. Who we would’ve hugged a little tighter or spoken to a little kinder to.  I wish I could say thank you to everyone who had ever helped me throughout my time, including teachers, custodians, coaches and lunch ladies, because they are truly all a blessing and have helped all the seniors immensely.

So to all of the teachers, custodians, coaches, and lunch ladies. Thank you. Thank you for everything you do for us because I know you don’t have to. I also know that sometimes it may feel as if you are not appreciated, but believe me, you are. We would not be where we are without all of you and we are all so grateful of the work that you put in for the betterment of our schools and communities. I would personally like to thank my teachers, Mrs. Greenwood, Mr. Melody, Mr. Carlin, Ms. Miers, my swim Coach Busch, and all of the lunch ladies that always have a smile and kind words to share. I wish we could’ve said our final goodbyes through tears in the classrooms and offices that we have spent countless hours in, but I will just have to write it here and hope they know that they have made an impact on so many lives and will never be forgotten.