Anna Rowell, Editor

Memes are probably what is getting me through quarantine. And I believe that they are also what is getting millions of other teenagers through it. It might be because we all cope by making jokes in tough situations. But hey, what else can ya do? 

Tik Tok is an app that allows users to make and watch 15-60 long videos. There are all types of videos from dance to point of views to animals doing tricks, but my favorite are the comedy videos. I just saw a tiktok that said, “I would trade my left arm in order to go to a sit down Mexican restaurant and finish three baskets of chips and salsa and table side guac before my meal even arrived.” This was done by the user Zethdafer, and the greatest part about it is that he is just some random guy. This app allows anybody to become “internet famous.” And most people who’s videos do go viral are the people who make jokes because they make people laugh and feel better about their current situation.

Instagram and Twitter are also social media platforms that are consistent in providing memes, that might not always be deemed appropriate at certain times. Now, I don’t have a twitter account, but I know that Instagram never fails to make me giggle or at least rapidly blow air through my nose. Recently, I saw a meme on Instagram that had the picture of Jesus in the last supper and there were modern day cops that had been edited in. The caption was, “I don’t care who your old man is. This gathering is illegal.”

This is a tough time for everyone, but a good meme from the internet never hurt anybody and it quite honestly might be one of the only things keeping us all together, if not memes, then our ability to laugh even in times of crisis.