On the Daily

Anna Rowell, Editor

My daily schedule consists of me waking up around two and pretty much doing nothing for the rest of the day. On average, I would say I spend around 5 hours on my phone or on some type of electronic every day.  On my phone, I switch between apps including, but not limited to, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Pinterest. It’s not even that I enjoy wasting my time on these trivial things, it’s just that I have almost nothing better to do. I have started drawing  and painting and going outside more, sometimes I even draw outside, but I only have so much creativity inside me and oftentimes, I have to wait for paint to dry.

 However, while in the midst of drawing my next great masterpiece, it does provide a great time to listen to and discover new music. Ever since school ended, I haven’t been listening to as much music because I would always have it on whether I was walking from class to class or just on the way to and from school in the mornings and afternoons. On rare occasions on the mornings on my way to school, my brother and I would stop at Dunkin’ Doughnuts for a little pick-me-up to get our days started on a positive note, even though we were almost late to school every single time. The other day, my brother, Jude who’s a freshman at Rocky had the audacity to bring up that we will never be able to do that again. I started crying right there in the Dunkin’ Doughnuts drive thru.

But anyways, when I’m not on my phone or drawing, or crying about the good old days I am either at my job, Chick fil a, making up work that I have to turn in late because I didn’t want to do it when it was due, then my dad found out and now I have to, or just watching some good old America’s Next Top Model. I started on season 1 and so far have made it only to season 3 because I’ve gotten distracted and started some other shows in the mix of it, like Criminal Minds, Glee and Dc’s SuperHero Girls. None of which I have finished. Let’s just say I’ve got a long list of incompletes from both school and home.