Kristen Williams, Writer

The pandemic has caused a great deal of change in today’s world, in about every aspect. I am not one that goes out, so I think I social distance pretty well in my house. For some, I do not think they do the same. I have changed a lot, myself, in order to keep me and my family safe. 

The social distancing requirements when going out is to stay at the least 6 feet away from the next and protect your face with a face mask. Unfortunately, many do not follow these procedures, causing the outcome of social distancing to be non effective. I strongly believe you should not go out into the public for nonessential goods just to pass time. It is very frustrating and like a slap to the face for all the essential and frontline workers. These are who are affected the most and no one seems to care about their health.

Throughout my time in quarantine, I spent quite a bit of time hanging out with my brother. We sort of helped each other get by. However, a month ago, his job had a coronavirus outbreak. Since then, I have not seen him. It sucks having to even isolate yourself from your own family members. Right now, it is just my mom, dad, and little sister who stays all in my house, none of us work or go anywhere for that matter. We spend a lot of time together, making quarantine more tolerable… most of the time. I try to keep in contact with my other siblings every day through  facetime and text.