Kristen Williams, Writer

Quarantine brought a lot of realizations and long thoughts. A major one being about school, high school, in particular. As most high school seniors, I was so eager to graduate and start a new chapter in my life. However, you must be careful what you wish for.

School was something I always loved. Thirteen years of my life consisted of almost the same routine of going to school every day. With this quarantine, I had a chance to look back and truly appreciate what school has both taught and brought me. It has brought me all the friends I know today. It also has taught me countless things from social skills, to how to prepare for college, to even how to care for a child. All I know is school. 

I especially thank high school; the both rock bottom and peak of most kids’ lives. I experienced a lot that most kids I know do not have the opportunity to. I went to my first Friday night lights game, had my first food fight, went to Homecoming, and so much more. My perspective on school completely changed when this pandemic occurred, you learn to be far more grateful for the things in life. You can never get high school back. It’s taught me to enjoy it while I can. Even though I am continuing my education at college, there is nothing like high school. I will always miss waking up early, my long talks with my teachers, running late to class, walking the halls, and simply sitting at a desk.