Kristen Williams, Writer

During these difficult times, I feel that our governor, J.B Pritzker, has done a really good job by keeping our state, as a whole, under strict orders and by deciding to end in person school for the year. However, I have mixed feelings about how our community decides to handle this pandemic. 

Firstly, fast food and local restaurants do a great job sanitarily and efficiently. I wish kids my age or even adults would take this situation more seriously. Our state has reached 50,000 coronavirus cases at this point, and people still think it is okay to have gatherings and go to the store for fun. My mom is an essential worker and she tells me every day people come in with their whole family with no masks and buy nonessential goods. The other day within the first 5 minutes of them being open 95 people came in. These people will simply not care until it is someone they know or love, and that is the sad part about it.

It is frustrating knowing my mom goes to work every day, potentially exposing herself, and people could care less.

— Kristen Williams

I do applaud the people who do only go out for their needs and protect themselves and the workers. I look at people a lot differently now, especially the people protesting. I do not understand how you can protest an uncontrollable virus. This is not something that is going to disappear overnight. This will cause changes to almost everything in months to come. A lot of people will be wearing masks when this eases up. Not only that, but I suspect people will be more cautious with their every day travels and hygiene. Unfortunately, this is something that has greatly affected us and will continue to affect us.