Calming Down in Quarantine

Hannah Dale

I am thankful for everyone I have in my life. I wouldn’t be graduating if it weren’t for my mother, who has helped me grow up and become the strong independent woman I am today. I wouldn’t be in a happy healthy relationship if it weren’t for my boyfriend, who has showed me how a woman should be treated and appreciated, and he’s super funny! 

When I get stressed during quarantine, I just remember that I am able to do anything with my life. Quarantine does not determine who I am, where I will go, and what I will/won’t do. Those decisions are still mine to make.

I’m glad to be saying that I will soon be applying for Blackhawk, and going on to become a nurse. Before you know it, I will be one of the many essential workers helping the doctors and medics with this pandemic, and I’m happy knowing how much I will be helping!