Kaylea Roessler, Writer

During this Pandemic, for me, it has been easy for me to stay calm because I have a lot of my friends and family behind me that I talk to on a daily basis. When I become stressed about this Pandemic going on, I have my mom and dad and my best friends that I am able to talk to about my concerns and worries.

I do worry a lot about when I will be able to return to normal because the situation we are in right now is very stressful. It’s stressful because when I think about how school is going and how I am doing in my classes especially, since I never know if I’m doing the work right. But I know that if I do need help that I can ask my teachers, but it’s just not the same as in-person learning, but I do appreciate all the work that my teachers put in to help me out when I need it.

When my friends are stressed out about the Pandemic, they call to talk about there concerns and how they are feeling. I try to help them when it comes to getting used to our new normal. It can be hard trying to get used to doing things that you would do on a daily basis, and now you have to do those things differently now.

Some ways to help with stress that your feeling are to get out of the house and go for a walk and try new things that you have not tried before and just relax and know that eventually we will return to normal, and get back to doing things with friends and family and see each other on a regular basis.