Nothing But A Memory

Darian Harding, Editor

There are typically 180 school days per school year in the state of Illinois. We have been out of school for 32 days, not counting weekends that would be spent working on homework. Our final days as seniors in high school were ripped from under us like a magician ripping a tablecloth off of a fully set table. Except, everything fell apart and crashed against the floor. 

School, for me, used to be first period through fifth period. Now it is 9pm at night or 2pm during the day or even 10am in the morning and when I get off work, which isn’t always consistent. While in school, I had a routine, everything was set in stone and the same each day. School for me is now whenever I have time since I’m still working. 

I wish school could go back to the way it was before. I miss the loud ring of the bells, I miss my teachers and the way they say, “The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do.” Part of me wishes I could go back in time, the other part of me knows that I can’t. That same part that knows I can’t, hurts to miss the rest of senior year. To miss everything small that gets overlooked throughout the year. 

I’m lucky to have been a part of the boys soccer program, and lucky enough to get to experience senior night with my friends, the springtime athletes don’t get that, they  have to miss out on their final home games, saying goodbye to their seasons and high school sports. Although most high school athletes will move on to college level sports, those few won’t continue their sports career after high school. Their final hoorah was stripped away from them.

I’ll always remember seeing my teachers smiling and waving at me through the halls on my way to class, seeing the student section at football and basketball games, cheering on their friends and showing school pride. There it’ll always be in my memories. 

I will never forget the faculty that got me to where I am. The ones who pushed me to be my best and supported me. The ones who showed me that there’s more to school work than a deadline or running out of time, but putting your best effort into the subject to make sure you’ve done your absolute best work. Those teachers and faculty are who I’m going to miss, because I never got to properly thank them, and tell them goodbye.