School Reminiscing

School Reminiscing

Alyssa Groothaert, Editor

This is not how any one pictured our fourth quarter to be of the 2019-2020 school year. I miss so many things about school. I can’t even list them all. A few little things I miss the most include walking into the school every day with my friend Olivia and walking out of the school at the end of the day with Victor. Another thing I really miss is being around my best friend, Natalia. 

Every morning, Olivia and I would let each other know when we got to school and meet in my car to catch up on anything that happened over the night or weekend. We would chat until about 7:47 and then walk into the school. Just about every morning, she would forget her ID in my car, so we would have to go back for it. We would stop at my locker walk to my class then she would go to hers.

At the end of basically every day, I would walk down five points and see Victor, and we would catch up at the end of the day about whatever and walk to our cars we normally park right across from each other.

The thing I miss most about school is seeing my best friend every day. We have almost every class together. Everything is so much more enjoyable and we help each other keep our focus if we ever get off topic.