What I Need During This Pandemic

What I Need During This Pandemic

I don’t have any necessities really except for being able to see my parents and talk with my friends, and I now like eating frozen strawberries a lot. But besides those few things, I also have been really enjoying the time I have spent with my dogs, Cubby and Theo, and taking them for walks, and when my dad and stepmom have been having bonfires on Friday nights, and all of us, including the dogs sit out by the fire and spend time together.

While social distancing can be tough, we have to do it because it’s for the safety of everyone else. I have been trying to learn new things, and I have taken up painting and doing a diamond dotz project, which takes forever to finish, but it passes the time.

I have also been going for a walk just about every day, especially when it’s really nice outside.

I have not worried about household necessities because I know my parents always figure that stuff out when we run out of stuff. But I do worry about the other people who don’t have any necessities that they need, whether it be because of money or stuff just being sold out, but I do know stores are doing the best they can to keep the shelves stocked.

But as far as the necessities that I need it’s my family and friends because they are most important to me.