What is your advice to others about getting through this?

Ben Samuelson, Writer

If there was any advice I could give to others, it would be to stay safe. Times are tough right now, and as much as everybody wants to be able to go outside and go hang out with their friends, it may be better just to stay indoors because the chances of you getting sick, or possibly getting other people sick is quite high. Illinois has already had over 2,000 deaths due to the CoronaVirus. If people would just stay inside and stay safe, this whole pandemic would’ve been over by now,  and we all could’ve gone back to our lives and been happy again.

Before this whole pandemic, I wish I would’ve known what to prepare for. One day, we’re all happy, and about to go into the spring sports seasons, the next day, we’re stuck inside, unable to go out and spend time with our friends because of the virus spreading at the rate it is. If we would’ve heard about it sooner, we would’ve been able to prepare for the virus and the quarantine would’ve ended when it should’ve ended instead of being constantly extended.