Sports Lessons

Hannah Simmer, Writer

At the beginning my freshman year of high school, I remember stepping foot into my first class. It was Mrs. Trimble for Biology. She became the first teacher I could count on in my four years. To me, high school wasn’t all about school, it taught me many lessons and created the pathway for the rest of my life. Kids may say “Oh, it’s just high school,” but in the end, when the last bell rings for dismissal, it’s is where your life really begins.

Lucky for me, I got extra time in school. The sports I played created a lasting effect on my life I will never forget. I played basketball and volleyball for all four years and soccer for only one year. All sports taught me lessons that applied to not just the game, but life.

In volleyball season, we went through a couple of hard weeks from a teammate’s mental health. This created a strong bond through us all. It told us that especially in the hardest times, it creates the best time to stick together. My coach helped influence us to stay positive, making a long-lasting memory from the strength of my team. Volleyball was my lesson to find my sense of true teamwork.

In basketball season, my high school team had the bad luck of teams wanting revenge and not getting the best calls in-game. For this reason, basketball taught me how to be resilient. Being able to keep fighting as all others around you want your downfall is something not all can accomplish. The love I have for the game helped me realize it’s up to you for the results. To fight or not to fight depends on all your durability. Basketball taught me to always give 110%.

In soccer, I tried out for the team my senior year for a position I have never tried before, goalie. Many of the other players were gossiping about needing a new keeper for the upcoming season, so I decided to try it out. Using my athleticism from other sports, I made the team. By being confident, soccer brought me to meet many new friends. Even though this special virus had to end the season short, it has shown me to stay out of my comfort zone. I would have never had the opportunity to find my new team from not putting myself out there. Soccer taught me to stay outgoing.