Bring Out The Peace

Darian Harding, Editor

Calm is a word that’s used to describe someone in a state of peace. People have different things and even people who can make them feel calm or calm them down. Parents and best friends or close friends can do the trick. 

Family, ahh family. They can either calm you down or make it ten times worse. During quarantine, my family has done both. Out of my whole family, my mom is the one who can calm me down. The soothing of her voice when I’m stressed, the way she hugs me after a bad day at work when I just want to cry. She calms me down the most under the Harding/Bowers roof.

It’s not just people who can give you peace, objects can too. In my case, mine is books and notebooks. Reading and writing- if you will. It’s my dream to write books and create my own stories and give people joy. Looking at the writing that I’ve created makes me so happy. Reading books that interest me and make me want to keep reading have been keeping me calm during this crazy time. Nothing can stop a reader from reading a good, well written book.

Someone who has been keeping me calm, but yet stressing me out at the same time during our pandemic, is my lovely boyfriend. That boy can stress me out to the max, but then be able to calm me down and we can go about our way. The way he holds me when I’m stressed out instantly calms me down. Still being able to see him during this time is probably what’s keeping me from going crazy.

All those DIY Youtube videos have prepared us and this pandemic has given us all the time in the world to finally do all those projects we’ve been planning to do. My stepdad and his best friend took apart my Jeep Wrangler and they painted it yellow. My uncle stepped in and painted six sunflowers on the sides of my jeep. On top of painting my red jeep yellow, my boyfriend built me a bed frame that he made out of wooden pallets. Everything is getting done, because we all now have the time.