Needs & Wants

Morgan Freeman, Writer

While stuck in the house, not much has changed, but my necessities have changed even more. I have felt my self needing more things than I used to. During this time, most of my wants have changed into my needs. 

I’ve always loved Atomic and Awake, but with everything being closed, those are like the main 2 places I can go that’s opened. I’ve spent so much money at these places the past 3-4 weeks that it’s crazy. It’s like every time someone asks me if I want to go, I say yes because I have nothing better to do. If I saved all that money by the time this is all over, I could buy some new summer clothes or even some shoes. I’ve caught myself going to Atomic every day, or even 4-5 days a week. 

These places have changed my wants to my needs. I automatically just crave it every day. It’s like I just have to have it. It has just became like a daily routine for me that I have to go. Other little things that I need is like my phone and charger. My phone has pretty much became my best friend. My hours on social media have gone up pretty high. My phone has always been something I need with me, but now my phone is like just glued to my hands. Nothing much has changed, all I ever need is my phone and an energy drink to get me through the day.