The Bare Necessities

Darian Harding, Editor

Necessities vary between each person. Someone who has asthma needs an inhaler and someone with a severe allergy needs an epipen. Things like those are essential in keeping them alive. However, the pandemic we are facing has people rethinking their necessities. I am one of those people.

Netflix has become all I do in my spare time. Either that or work on rearranging my room for the millionth time. In between working and doing other projects outside of work, I think I’ve watched at least 4 seasons of Criminal Minds. I know that seems like beginner work for binge watchers, but I’m still working and doing other things, so I think that’s a big jump. Without Netflix, I would be bored in those pesky off hours.

Besides Netflix, my good old recorded movies won’t let me down. I’m big on background noise, I like working on other projects with a movie on in the background. Movies are a huge necessity with or without quarantine. Besides netflix, all I watch is movies. I love the story that they tell and I get good at guessing what’s going to happen in the end. 

I feel like I’m not the only one who has been eating so many snacks and a lot of food. Most of the time, snacks are the go to, not real meals, snacks. Popcorn, airheads, chips and ice cream have been my go to snacks. Yes, I still eat real food, but I have time for snacks better than I do actual food. 

Social Distancing is where you stay six feet apart and don’t go around anyone you don’t live with. Luckily, my boyfriend and his family don’t count. I’ve been able to hang out with him and his mom with my mom. No one’s being alone on my watch. 

Like I said before, people have different needs and different views on what they deem necessary. My mom feels that it’s necessary to have an abundance of Dove Body Soap. While most people fear running out of toilet paper, her fear is body soap. Dove specific.