Tik Tok Takes Over Quarantine

Johnnie Teague, Writer

During this stressful, stressful time, I’m sure everyone now has some go to’s that they reach for every day or just new routines that they’ve developed along the way. Something that I know for certain that I do every day is get on my phone, and that statement probably applies to all teenagers. It’s definitely something that I do quite frankly throughout the day whether it is just scrolling through my Instagram and Facebook feeds, taking pictures to put on my own feed, or snapping back and forth with my friends on Snapchat. And if I wanna get a little fancy, I’ll even add a doggy filter and some emojis. It’s nothing compared to what I’d rather be doing for ‘fun’ but it’s something to keep me occupied.

To add on to the chain of social media, one of my personal favorites is Tik Tok- mainly because I’ve wrapped my finger around over 200,000 people to follow me, and for some reason, find interest in me, but I love responding to their comments and just pushing out content to build my influence. Although it can be frustrating to get negative comments and dueted videos of me, as shallow as it may sound, I love the attention. There’s never any hard feelings, and it gives me a taste of what it’s like to be a Kardashian. Tik Tok itself is probably my biggest distraction when it comes to school work. There is always new trends and something entertaining to watch or do and is the number 1 necessity while we are quarantined.