The Music in Me

Anna Rowell, Editor

I have found that one of the greatest things I can do that really helps me cope through this time is just to listen to music. Over the past couple of weeks, I have discovered a newfound appreciation for many talented artists. I had already known of the artists and knew they were good, but never really took the time to listen to and understand their music. These artists include legends like Stevie Wonder and the Beatles, and also newer artists like the Wrecks and the American Authors.

Older artists like Stevie Wonder and the Beatles were the cornerstones of today’s rock n’ roll music. These are two of the most widely celebrated creators of all time and my generation hardly knows who they are. They had generation defining music. Stevie Wonder’s songs, Higher Ground, Superstition, and Livin for the City talked about what life was like during the 70s. The Beatles songs Yesterday, A Hard Day’s Night, and Revolution talk about how the youth of the time felt and can still relate nowadays. They both would write songs about getting through hard times and I think a lot of people, including me, really need that right now. People love both artists because of their carefree personas and undeniable styles. They are both entertaining to watch and listen to and I believe everybody should know their music and who they were.

The newer artists I have been listening to are the Wrecks and the American Authors. These are also rock bands who sing about struggles, and love and everything young Americans are constantly thinking about, or at least things I’m thinking about. I would recommend all four of these artists for people who are having a hard time with this whole situation, but if not that’s cool too I’m just glad that they found me.